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Venture capital fund2019-09-17T15:42:32+01:00

Part of Northern Accelerator’s legacy will be a dedicated venture capital fund for North East university spin-outs.

With a pipeline of credible investment opportunities and a vibrant community of Northern Accelerator businesses, we’re determined to make a long lasting impact on the North East’s innovation ecosystem.
That’s why we’re seeking an experienced venture capital partner to raise funds and manage investment, including the creation and management of a Northern Universities Investment Fund – an evergreen venture capital fund for spin-out businesses from North East universities.

We’re currently in the procurement phase of recruiting a venture capital partner and will announce further details about a partnership in autumn 2019.

“Northern Accelerator is a game-changer for the north east economy, a vital contribution to delivering the regional strategic economic plans and a national exemplar”

Roy Sandbach OBE, Chair of Northern Accelerator’s Strategic Advisory Board

Frequently asked questions

Why is Northern Accelerator setting up a venture capital fund?2019-08-09T12:26:15+01:00

We’re already delivering a step-change in the translation of world-class research into sustainable commercial enterprises and we want to ensure we make a long-lasting impact on the region’s innovation ecosystem.
Our partners have a strong pedigree of spin-out businesses including Kromek, Applied Graphene Materials, and more recent ventures such as Advanced Electric Machines and AMLo Bioscience. With an exciting research pipeline that is generating a series of investible opportunities which will go on to create real-world impact, the raising of such a fund will further strengthen the innovation infrastructure.

When will the fund be set up?2019-08-09T12:29:34+01:00

We’re currently in the formal procurement stage of recruiting a venture capital partner and will announce further details about our new partner in autumn 2019. The successful venture capital partner will then begin to set up the fund and release more details when available.