Week One:
Pre-recorded content will be released via the course virtual learning environment for you to access at your convenience.

The following week you will take part in the first of our 90 minute live discussion groups with week one’s trainers. You’ll cover Personal Impact with Dr  Simon Brown, world class researcher development expert and specialist, centred on self efficacy and positive change making. Dr Victoria Mountford Brown will then take you through the researcher canvas, allowing you to consider your research and its societal impact.

Week Two:

Pre-recorded content will be released.

The following week you will join the second live discussion group with week two’s trainers. You’ll consider ‘Building Impact’ with guest facilitators from the award winning support hub Sunderland Software City, and SciComms and storytelling expert Duncan Yellowlees, providing a focus on persuasive pitching and engaging your audience.

Week Three:

Pre-recorded content will be released.

The following week the final discussion group will take place.

You’ll be guided through ‘Making Impact, being noticed and taking action’ with Jeni Smith, nationally recognised leading expert in networking for knowledge exchange, both online and face to face. We’ll also take you through putting together an action plan that’s meaningful and purposeful for you personally and professionally.

All resources will be provided throughout. All sessions are interactive, focused on building a supportive cohort in a positive researcher community and all at a pace that considers our new working environments.

Duncan Yellowlees will share his top tips for working, communicating and presenting online content which is vital during the current working circumstances.

Jenny Brady will take you through a proven action planning tool to help you choose and commit to your next best steps.

There will also be one to one coaching appointments available for you to speak with the course lead and discuss any issues or share any successes you may be having.