The course material has been redesigned for virtual delivery. You can expect an experience that is as close to face-to-face courses as possible. To enable this we have:

• Broken each module into 2 x half days
• Limited the participants to 12 people to keep the course interactive
• Re-designed the materials for virtual sharing
• Re-jigged the timings to allow for sufficient breaks
• Prepped supporting material to be emailed to you beforehand for use during session delivery
• Activated features like virtual breakout rooms so we continue to benefit from effective group work

We are using Zoom as the delivery platform and will ensure password protected security. We will not be recording sessions.

We will send you a few pages of A4 material a few days ahead of each session and it would be useful if you were able to print it out.

All you’ll need on the day is a pen, some blank A4 paper and a reasonable internet connection. We can if. you wish, test your connection ahead of the sessions commencing.

We will be available for one-to-one chats between sessions to deal with any additional questions or support you with the small amount of pre-work / homework that will be set between sessions.