World-leading image analysis software using artificial intelligence and deep learning

Intogral has developed a world leading technology to support the diagnosis of eye-diseases.

Intogral Limited specialises in the development of artificial intelligence systems capable of analysing pictures far more quickly and accurately than humans can.

With industries across the globe producing more imaging data than ever before, at a faster rate than they can digest, Intogral brings off-the-shelf advanced image analysis software, consultancy and bespoke solutions to customers across diverse markets in biology, healthcare, pharmaceutics, engineering and security.

Intogral’s current focus is the development of artificial intelligence to speed up the analysis of bio-medical imagery from scanners that usually takes a consultant hours to look at.

“Intogral is a wonderful business with great potential. One of our key competitive advantages is Durham University’s excellent research and a pipeline of talent looking to build a stand-out company in the North East of England that is exporting its products globally.”

Bill Shepherd

Support Received from Northern Accelerator

‘Execs into Business’ attracts talented business leaders to the innovative commercial opportunities created and developed in the North East’s universities.
Intogral was founded by Dr Boguslaw Obara and Dr Chris Willcocks, both from Durham University. In 2018, with support from Northern Accelerator’s ‘Execs into Business’ programme, Bill Shepherd joined as CEO, bringing a wide range of start-up and spin-out experience from the private and public sectors. Bill is a professional engineer and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience growing early-stage technology businesses.

Going from Strength to Strength

Intogral has developed its own products based around ideas that were developed at Durham. Intogral is winning contracts with international corporations with household names and expects to quickly raise a transformational amount of Venture Capital investment.