Funding Opportunities

Feasibility Awards

Feasibility Awards offer funding are up to £10,000. Example of activities Feasibility Awards can be used for include (but are not limited to):

  • understanding market requirements;
  • meeting potential commercial partners;
  • demonstration projects for potential partners;
  • travel and accommodation to attend trade events in the promotion of commercial outcomes.

This is not a definitive list, however, if the application activities appear to be an extension of the existing research without a tangible commercial goal will not be successful. These funds are for pre-incorporation ideas and not for existing spin out businesses.

Proof of Concept Awards

Proof of Concept Awards offer funding between £10,000 and £50,000. There is a provision for exceptional awards to be made up to £100,000 at the discretion of the awarding panel, however, these will require a significantly higher level of robust justification. Examples of the Proof of Concept activities are:

  • the development of a prototype device;
  • delivery of demonstration projects for commercial partners;
  • trial trading activity to assess market demand;
  • travel and accommodation to meet potential commercial partners or attend trade events;
  • buy out of academic salary time for project specific activities;
  • purchase of minor equipment and consumables needed to prove concept (limited to £1000 per item)

The initiative will specifically not fund:

  • ‘Blue sky’ research
  • Longitudinal and life course research or longer term public health studies
  • Applied research for companies
  • Purchase of significant equipment or capital assets
  • Patent costs
  • Existing spin out businesses